Hagzussa - Riding The Fence

by Goat Of Mendes

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Sixth album of the band, comes with 12 pages full coloured booklet, as download or physical release, Witches Brew records limited edition to 700 copies

Contrary to some critic's dearest wishes, recommendations and expectations, our humble band hasn't split up yet, although another six long years have passed since our last release. Instead you have now our self-produced six song Album on offer.


released October 31, 2017


all rights reserved



Goat Of Mendes NRW, Germany

Founded in 1994, this German band is probably one of the first in the scene to combine atmospheric Heavy Metal Music with lyrics inspired by Wiccan Paganism.
Over the past 24 years, GOM released six albums and one demo.
GOM always delivered their own unique style of Heavy Metal. Influenced by all styles of true Heavy Metal, be it classic HM, Thrash, Black, Death or Doom!
GOM is Wiccan Metal!
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Track Name: Maiden, Mother, Crone
Amidst the frozen forest
Clandestine we gather
United by the glory of our mother
Magna Mater from the ancient times
Sisters and brothers chant her sacred rhymes
From my Book of Shadows spells we now prepare
Fumes of incense enrich the nightly air
Watchtowers are invoked, blessed by the athame
Fellow witches dance around the flame

Maiden – Wed on Beltane's Night
Mother – Proud in full moon's light
Crone – Your wisdom we obey
Lead us on the Wiccan Way!

Maiden – Youthful Queen of May
Mother – Watch your children pray
Crone – All future you'll foresee
Thricefold Goddess, Blessed Be!

Guardian Spirit, bless and guide the Paganborn
Sabbatic Goat of Mendes, we praise the God with Horns
Consort of the Goddess, for thee our voice we raise
In perfect Duende, a Hymn to One Ablaze
Your tale of doom and passion, for soon you're bound to fall
The Dying God shall heed our mother's call
To nourish the Earth, when the sun stands low
In spring once more, your power will regrow


Sparkling Ostara, dance with the faeries
The newborn light, lustful you cherish
Mother Diana, bearer of life
Avenger Kali, bringer of strife
Dark Hecate, beneath your eye
The secrets of life and death lie
Gracious you give, relentless you reap
The eternal circle of life you will keep

Children of Aradia, heed the oath we swore
The curse of Constantine shall bother us no more
The wisdom of the Shaman preserves our sacred art
For merry we will meet and merry we shall part

Track Name: The Crow of War
Oblivion's Gate is yawning wide
Lost shadows dwell in timeless, ageless slumber
With eyes ablaze, they yearn for us
Who're left behind
The Veil is torn apart
The vaults beyond agleam in unlight
The storm is closing in
Riding the gale, I sense her dreadful shadow

Endtime's upon us all
The war to end all strife
The bloodsoaked crow shall rise
And wail her song of sorrow

Her eyes have seen the Unknown
The Raven Lady speaks to me
The living and the unborn
Shall find infinity

The Crow of War
She speaks to me

Fly, oh dreadful shape with wings aspread
Great black bird of ill omen
Her mournful cries disturb the silence
Filled with rage

She heralds war and fire
Nemain and Dagda in her wake
A sisterhood of thricefold terror
To doom us all
Yet urges us to follow

Her eyes like glowing coals
Mirror the funeral pyres
On Raven wings
She brings oblivion's shadow


Great bird of ill omen
I will ride in your vanguard
To spread word that the time is nigh
In the forests the covens
Leave their ritual fires
And rally round the flag held high
A crusade of redemption
Under heathendom's idols
Fueled by our long suppression's wrath
Clad by Earth and the sky
Filled with vigor and furor
We tread once more the ancient path

I now know the time is right
If I'm to die, I'll greet my fate
For I will follow Mother Crow
Beyond the veil and the Black Gate

Track Name: Riding the Fence
Welcome traveller, Merry Meet
Sit down and rest your worn and weary feet
It seems you're lost along your destined path
Join our fire, take share of what we have
For we're a fine community
Although at first it might seem strange to thee
Beneath the crossroads we will keep you warm
And rest assured that we will mean no harm

We are the Flow
We are the Ebb
We're the Weavers
Of the Web

Between the Worlds
Bare space and time
We're the rhythm
And rhyme

So listen
Take heed
And let your mind roam free

We're riding
We're riding the Fence
Where time and reality ends
We're riding
We're riding the Fence

We're riding
We're riding the Fence
Light and Dark must be kept in balance
We're riding
We're riding the Fence

The way we walk upon you might dislike
Caught in the laws of your Religious Reich
Your Führer claims that God will keep you safe
From Hell and fire, if you don't misbehave
So you beg and weep beneath their golden shrine
This devious Propaganda works just fine
Throw off your gilded shackles, flee their charms
And head right back in Mother Nature's arms!

No more fear
No oppression
Live your own life
And your obsessions

Unless you cause
No pain or harm
You're free
In our Great Mothers arms

(So listen...)

We're as one with the Lord and his beautiful Lady
Keep turning the spokes of Eternity's Wheel
We sit on the verge between here and thereafter
To no mortal we bow and to no God we kneel!

Track Name: Samhain (A Visit from Beyond the Veil)
Heed November's coming fire
In the midst of Autumn's gloom
Light the lantern at the threshold
Let incense fumes immerse the room

Spirit Night, the brink of Winter
Where the departed might roam free
Onward to Summerlands
We light your way and welcome thee

Dark the night, spirit-lantern lights flicker
Through October's rain
Time stands still, the Gateway is open
On this night of Samhain

Celebrate! The memory of our ancestors
Eternally remain
I feel your presence behind the veil
On this night of Samhain

Set up the tables
Stoke up the hearth, so they might rest
Pour the wine to honour
The presence of our unseen guests

But watch out at nightfall
In shadows lurk strange things unseen
To prey on the unwary
In the dim light of Lunas gleam

Hear the lost souls' howling
Outside your doors they're prowling

Ward yourself with Mandrake
Mugwort,Sage and Nightshade!

Incense and spices keep the spirits away
You don't want to let in, whose you don't want to stay
Light candles to lead those you still keep in your heart
And welcome them back when the veil tears apart

When the veil tears apart
On Halloween!

Father, I miss you
But this night, I feel you're here
No longer blind, you watch us
For it's our love, which draws you near

Sister, you're smiling
I'm glad to feel, you're finally free
Be now our guest until I see you
When I will reach eternity


(Hear the lost souls...)

(Refrain 2x)
Track Name: An Empty Hand (Can Still Clench a Fist)
Behold of what we have become
Mere slaves of those who rule as one
Are we, who labour for those few
Too dumb to notice that we're screwed?

An army's worth of serfs and paupers
heed the clarion call towards all future's lies
Or just mere sheep, being led to slaughter?

In towers we built from marbled stones
the Trumppets blaring the call to demise
They feast on our own flesh and bones

For the sick and the weak, nought's left but ire
we've got no bread to eat and the cake's also spent
For those who're spent, there are more to hire

Euthanasia of unworthy life's their gist
we're condemned men, the Final Solution's our end
Those too fragile and poor got no right to exist

Reinstate the National Razor's blade
And lead them to deserved fate!

Join us now in the paupers jig
And turn against those swollen pigs
Stand up to those who told us lies
And led us blind to our demise
Who said, obedience makes us rich
If we just vote in fevered pitch
Who made their fortunes on our backs
And left us with a bunch of rags
Corruption grown like a putrid boil
Fed by our labour and our toil
Whilst we grew miserable and sour
Deprived of rights, deprived of power
So here we stand with an empty hand
Our feet are sore, our backs are bent
But we are legion, let's resist
An empty hand can still clench a fist!

So here...(Repeat)

Behold of what we have become
Those been cast out now stand as one
And finally, the chosen few
Begin to notice that they're screwed

The forests fall, the oceans dried
they're exploiting the earth with our shovels and picks
For Mammon's sake, science is denied

Whilst humble folk's condemned to rot
our mother's got gangbanged by the worlds biggest dicks
They claim they serve the will of God

But the meatshields now block the elite's path
just like Spartacus' slaves crushed the armies of Rome
For one of them there are scores of us

A bloodied rag, our flag shall be
we shall feed them their food-stamps and ransack their homes
Spells doom to their hypocrisy

Put an end to all their lies
And hang 'em high on their own ties!

Join us now in the paupers jig
And turn against those swollen pigs
Stand up to those who told us lies
And led us blind to our demise
So here we stand with an empty hand
Our feet are sore, our backs are bent
But we are legion, let's resist
An empty hand can still clench a fist!

So here we stand...(repeat)
Track Name: Mabon - Impending Darkness
Slowly daylight fades
Leaves darkness bound to reign
I watch the circling crows
Above the golden fields of grain

The last warm rays of sunlight
Pass cloud laden Autumn skies
I bid my Lady Farewell
For soon I’m bound to die

The scion of my seed
Now grown up pure and strong
My duty is fulfilled, I go
To where I now belong

Oh sweet impending darkness
Cover me in velvet shroud
This sputtering candle slowly dies
My essence soon worn out

There’s no further sense in life
No fate which beckons me
Without a goal for which to strive
The Earth now longs for me

So here I shed my tears
To salt the bitter ground
And mourn all those I've lost
And those I've never found

There ain't no beauty in
The last sunrise my eyes shall see
Maybe then in another life
Fate might be mercyful to me

I reject this life of failure
Of illness, pain and broken love
No more strings which make me dance
As puppet for the gods above

I dearly hope this wounded heart
Will finally yield to all this pain
Can’t bear another jest of fate
To hope when there’s no hope to gain

The sun and the moon
Shine in equinox’ gloom
The feast of Mabon
Is heralding my doom

In equinox' gloom
I'm meeting my doom

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